Life-moving innovation

We are a company devoted to designing, manufacturing, and distributing equipment for emergency transport and healthcare services.

Our products stand out for their reliability, their manoeuvrability and their careful and solid design which guarantees the security of both professionals and patients.

From our factory in Barcelona, we operate in more than 25 countries, fully adapting to the circumstances and regulations of each market.

Equipment designed to be practical

People transporting people

Emergency healthcare transportation carries with it a huge responsibility. It is performed by people working with and for other people, often in difficult and highly stressful situations.

KARTSANA’s transport equipment is designed to help professionals and make their job easier while respecting the patient’s comfort.

We draw on our 35 years of experience to innovate and seek an optimal structural design which allows us to offer a wide range of stretchers and chairs that are reliable, easy to handle and safe, with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.


Design, manufacture, and distribution of emergency medical transport equipment to facilitate the work of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals while providing patients care thanks to an optimal design based on experience and constant innovation.


To be a reference in the medical transport equipment thanks to a complete range of products that provide solutions to the needs of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals and patients worldwide.


The ability to research and develop new features allows us to offer innovative responses to the most demanding needs.


Stretchers designed with a solid, strong and resistant structure to provide maximum safety to technicians and patients.

Easy to use

Equipment with excellent maneuverability, which facilitate the technician’s movements with minimal effort. Lightweight and ergonomic.

5 values for going further


Every detail is carefully designed to create products with a solid yet manageable structure.


We guarantee the quality and reliability of our products by creating and manufacturing them in Europe.


We operate in more than 25 countries and adapt to each one’s individual needs and regulations.


Solutions that make work easier for professionals without compromising the patient’s well-being.


Committed to our clients, we strive to improve day in and day out.

A history of effort, improvement and evolution

Modesto Luengo founded KARTSANA over 35 years ago.

Working in an ambulance and seeing first-hand the needs of both paramedics and patients, experiencing the hands-on nature of the work, the difficulty of handling transport equipment and a desire to improve the way things were all drove his founder to set up his own business. Ever since then, his goal has been to create unique products which meet the real needs of paramedics and patients.

Every stretcher and bed created by KARTSANA reflects the founder’s attitude, which he has passed on to his entire team: real experience, obsession over design and non-conformism to keep improving each day.

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