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Mortuary stretchers

For functional and discreet removal

Funeral collection vans are vehicles adapted to transport corpses on stretchers adapted for this use. One of the important characteristics of these vehicles is the stability to avoid the rocking and movement to guarantee a safe transfer.

KARTSANA mortuary stretchers are made of Aluminum, are easy to disinfect and suitable for special air conditioning.

There are 2 models, TGF-241S and TGF-241S4, which have 2 or 4 rotating wheels as needed, thus ensuring maneuverability in narrow areas. Its removable top tray with wheels makes it easy to load in the upper compartments of the vehicle.

Together with the appropriate rail, the stretcher offers stability and ease of loading, obtaining an optimal and dignified functional transfer. KARTSANA offers the compatible R-419 and R-800E rails for its mortuary stretchers.

Image provided by Bergadana.


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