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Incubator stretchers

Safety and care while transporting the most delicate

The widest range for paediatrics offers smooth movement and high levels of autonomy.

TG-1000 IN: Dimensions and weight

TG-1000 IN
H Max. height (mm) 1185
H2 Min. height (mm) 350
L Length (mm) 1973,5
W Width (mm) 569
Weight (Kg) 61

TG-880 C4 IN: Dimensions and weight

TG-880 C4 IN
H Height (mm) 984
HC Height from floor to leading wheel (mm) 720
W Width (mm) 575
L Length (mm) 1970
Weight (Kg) 51

MT-118 IN: Dimensions and weight

MT-118 IN
H Height (mm) 150
W Width (mm) 570
L Length (mm) 1962
Weight (Kg) 22,5


TG-1000 IN

Data sheet

TG-880 C4 IN

Data sheet

MT-118 IN

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