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Electric stretcher TG-1200 SILVER+



Electric stretcher TG-1200 SILVER+

  • Control of the stretcher from the technician’s position.
  • Incorporates a release pedal for maximum control by the Healthcare Technician.
  • Improved load capacity of 250 kg.
  • Manual motor release in case of emergency.
  • Individual battery with extra capacity of 50 cycles, tested with 100 kg of weight.
  • Shock absorbers in the head and leg area for maximum patient comfort.
  • Equipped with 4 sturdy, lockable swivel castors for smooth mobility and swivelling in any direction (2 braked and 2 lockable).
  • Foldable longitudinal and side rails to simplify efficient patient transfer.
  • Redesigned function keypad for convenient and safe control of the stretcher.
  • IV pole holder.
  • Three-point belt kit.
  • Aluminium cardiac massage tray.
Silver+ TG-1200

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