Maximum robustness, safety and maneuverability

In an emergency situation, the EMT’s sole objective is to save lives.

Today’s ambulances must have excellent equipment to care for patients, so why not offer the best transport that is hassle-free, easy and focused on patient care?

It allows Healthcare Technicians to do their job without impediments.

The key anchorage of the SUPERBRAVA, for effortless and safe loading and unloading of the stretcher.

Strong and robust structural design. Easy maintenance and repair

Maximum control. Systems that guarantee the safety of emergency technicians and patients

Easy to use and handle


W Ancho cuadro (mm) 574 590 16
A Anchura cabezal (mm) 425 545 120
L Largo total (mm) 1972 2090 118
G Ángulo piernazal 15º 20º
HC Altura carga (mm) 1030 1090 60
FR Anchura chasis trasero (mm) 453 510 57
FF Anchura chasis delantero (mm) 380 408 28
B Distancia entre ejes (mm) 905 1057 152
Peso (Kg) 74 76 2
Utility tray
Fixing for Corpuls
Pushing poles
Battery charger
Bariatric kit
Paediatric adapted mattress

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