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SUPERBRAVA electric stretcher TG-2022

320Kg without assistance
320Kg without assistance


Electric Stretcher TG-2022 SUPERBRAVA

  • Hydraulic elevation system that allows lifting 320 kg without assistance.
  • Adjustable handrails with 6 positions and ability to accommodate bariatric patients
  • UTAC 20G certification
  • Electronically articulated headrest by means of keypad
  • Manual motor release by means of a motor clutch system in case of failure
  • Control panel with tactile buttons and second button panel to facilitate the work of the TES
  • Wide base for better support and stability
  • Protective bumpers for LEDs and grips
  • Single battery with extra capacity reaching 100 cycles tested at 100Kg
  • Telescopic head profile for maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Emergency lights for greater stability

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